Movement Screening

FMS Movement Screening

Your body is only as strong as its movement quality. Using the FMS Movement Screen, I will help you fully understand all of your strengths and relative weaknesses. Sometimes, weakness is actually overuse, restriction, or pain in disguise, so by setting a baseline of movement quality, we can determine the most appropriate exercise protocol.

The best combination of mobility and stability, in a joint by joint approach, is what FMS founder Gray Cook touts as movement in its purest form. I tend to agree and I like to incorporate certain exercises and clearing tests to help me evaluate my client's injury risk. If pain is persistent, I can refer to trusted professionals in the area with Physical Therapist and/or Orthopedic credentials.

Much like the gait analysis and plantar pressure mapping software, movement screens serve as a supplement for proper exercise prescription. They merely serve as another tool in the toolbox that I can use to help you rebuild a stronger and more resilient foundation. A foundation that, if accompanied by regular exercise, will serve you for the rest of your life.

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