Are Wearables Worth It?

anonymous sportswoman checking smart watch and sitting on mat

Are Wearables Worth It?


With the holiday season quickly approaching, something crossed my mind. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the symbolic…
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My Most Commonly Asked Questions


In a world rich with information combined with a seemingly infinite number of sources from which to access said information,…
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Pandemic Software Update


Scenario #1 We forget to put on sunscreen before going to the beach. Inevitably, we are subjected to a severe…
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Starting a Business Amidst a Pandemic


During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and instability, I have had the opportunity to gain a professional colleague. Aaron Blades…
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Personal Fitness Programs

Harm Reduction


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “the lesser of two evils”. A typical example being on one hand…
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Personal Training Evolution


Running from one end of the gym to the other. Jumping, hanging, swinging, and crawling from all types of equipment…
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