The Epidemic Out of Focus

The Epidemic Out of Focus


Hello! My name is Molly Roller and I am fortunate enough to be interning for Sam this semester. I am…
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Pandemic Software Update


Scenario #1 We forget to put on sunscreen before going to the beach. Inevitably, we are subjected to a severe…
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The Elephant in the Room


Surely most of us have reached a sort of COVID coverage fatigue “tipping point” over the course of the last…
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Run Smarter, Not Harder


Imagine. You are a distance runner. You have been running for years—perhaps starting as early as elementary school and participating…
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Corporate Wellness Indianapolis

Corporate Wellness Solutions of the Future


I’m sure by now we’re all aware of the concept of “Corporate Wellness” but does anybody actually know how effective…
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Personal Fitness Programs

Harm Reduction


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “the lesser of two evils”. A typical example being on one hand…
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Personal Training Evolution


Running from one end of the gym to the other. Jumping, hanging, swinging, and crawling from all types of equipment…
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Sleep Case Study


All clients, friends, family, and colleagues know about my passion for sleep. Not just how much I enjoy it, but…
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The Best Defense is a Good Offense


With the current status of the world’s health and just about every news outlet discussing concepts such as “flattening the…
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Progress Not Perfection


  Hopefully, since my last blog post, you’ve been employing tactics to improve both your own choice architecture and better…
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